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Who Are Secuirty Guards in Gravesend

Licensed Security Officers

A BBC investigation has discovered that thousands of licensed security guards can be working in the UK illegally after purchasing qualifications for cash. For over 20 years, Secuirty Guards in Gravesend has helped tons of companies, individuals, and organisations secure their property with qualified SIA licensed security guards and officers. SIA licensed security guards have been supplying security solutions to businesses and individual event organisers for decades. The court follows a conviction of six counts of providing unlicensed security guards to a school in Gravesend, and failure to provide information to the regulator.

Our security and support staff always meet the quality of service, they are expert in protective security and risk, personal security, protective security intelligence management, penetration testing and well-trained. Our company are an internationally successful, protective services and security provider, combining cutting-edge technology with world-class security.
Secuirty Guards in Gravesend can provide manned guarding and door supervisors to businesses or individuals, to protect property and assets from criminal activity in Gravesend 24/7. Secuirty Guards in Gravesend is a specialist in manned guarding services company who provides professional services to the private and public sector nationwide.
Our team are briefed and deployed to provide an effective security presence. We have a number of on-site security team to guard and protect warehouse in Gravesend, premises and fulfilment centre, we have around 80 officers, supervisors which are briefed and deployed to provide an effective security presence.
Secuirty Guards in Gravesend has been providing security services to various companies in the Gravesend area since 2013, including the renown haulage firm who utilise Secuirty Guards in Gravesend professional security guards to keep their premises protected around the clock. Secuirty Guards in Gravesend security has been providing constant, timely, and professional security services.

Security Guards Near Me in Gravesend, Kent

We are a security guard Secuirty Guards in Gravesend that provides security guards services in Gravesend for 24 hours a days, our guards protect and provide deterrents and reporting essential information to the client. Secuirty Guards in Gravesend is a leader security guard company offering leading security guard services throughout Gravesend. Please call us on 01634 926206 or email us for fast transaction.

CCTV Monitoring Service in Gravesend, Kent

We can provide you great CCTV monitoring service and good prices too. The duties of security supervisor include CCTV monitoring and undertaking personnel patrolling assessment.

Excellent Customer Service from Secuirty Guards in Gravesend

Our main aim is to provide security services with full quality, reliability, efficiency and safety to make the environment secure. Our qualified staff and guards are fully committed towards quality and customer service as the safety of our customer is above all other things. You will always receive first class customer service from Secuirty Guards in Gravesend professional security officers and managers because it understand that as a client, you are company's most valuable asset.

Secuirty Guards in Gravesend Are a Leading Security Guard Company in Gravesend

Secuirty Guards in Gravesend, established in 1998, is one of the leading security companies in Gravesend and the surrounding area. We always renew our commitment for continuous process improvement, transparency, enhancement and growth have allowed us to position ourselves as a recognised, leading security service provider.

Security Guard Patrols in Gravesend, Kent

Secuirty Guards in Gravesend provides private premises security guards and security guard patrols for empty properties and flats as well as private homes and farms. Secuirty Guards in Gravesend uses the latest state of the art technology to monitor our guards patrols and all related activities nationwide.