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Who Are Secuirty Guards in Truro

Manned Security Services

Secuirty Guards in Truro in Truro place uniformed security officers on site as part of our manned security service to protect you, your property, your assets or all three from any sort of criminal activity. Manned security can be the most valuable form of protective service. Peace can be maintained by manned security guards in Truro and the assets of your business are kept in safe hands. On the 5th of April, 2017, Secuirty Guards in Truro got an award for the best security dog provider and only Truro's manned security award.

We specialise in providing security personnel to the leisure and entertainment sector, developing a reputation throughout the industry as an alternative for more individual venues looking for specific needs. Secuirty Guards in Truro has many upcoming events where we will be providing security.
The SIA licensed security guards are trained for any kind of critical situation. Secuirty Guards in Truro's sia-licensed security guards and officers are skilled to the very best industry standards and offer a wide-ranging portfolio of services.
Secuirty Guards in Truro is a security company in Truro specialising in providing security services for events ranging from corporate events to private parties. Our company have the largest database of security guards in Truro and we can deploy security services in in the surrounding area within a short time span.
Secuirty Guards in Truro offers great security guard service. Secuirty Guards in Truro want to give robust and steadfast security guard services to customers and, because our skill-set extends over several industries such as construction, corporate and retail, we are ideally positioned to provide a bespoke package.

Security Guards Near Me in Truro, Cornwall

Our experience in static guard, retail security, and patrol contracts for businesses and properties in the Truro area and other areas of the UK ensure that we are a security company you can rely on. Most times we will conduct a security report before putting our static security service into place so we can identify what unique requirements you may need.

Secuirty Guards in Truro Offer Security Guard Packages

Secuirty Guards in Truro offers professional personal safety, as well as, security training packages for the security industry. We offer a comprehensive range of retail security packages in Truro.

Security Guard Company Based Near Truro, Cornwall

The security guards of Secuirty Guards in Truro won't let you down; the company will provide you with continuous cover, regular updates, reports and service evaluations, no job is too big or too small, the construction site security guard company in Truro has vast experience of construction site security. Secuirty Guards in Truro is a nationwide security guard company which provides 24 hour security services in Truro and other surrounding areas.

Professional Retail Security from Secuirty Guards in Truro in Truro

While experienced CCTV operators provide 24-hour back-up, we also have a retail security radio network that enables businesses to keep in contact with each other, as well as CCTV operators and the police. All our personnel undergo a specialist training in Truro facing retail security threats thus rest assured that they're up to the challenge.

Guard Dog Security from Secuirty Guards in Truro in Truro

Secuirty Guards in Truro can provide security dogs under constant of their qualified handler. Secuirty Guards in Truro employed a qualified security dog handler in 2002.